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Annual Report 2018 – 19


Welcome to the SHIHAB ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL Annual Report of 2018-19, a platform to communicate directly with all of you, our respected guests, well wishers, benefactors, parents, staff members and students. With delight, we present this Annual Report which enumerates the activities and achievements of the school during the academic year of 2018-19.

The school reopened on June 4th, 2018. At present there are 492 students enrolled with a 27 person teaching staff and 18 person non-teaching staff.

This has been a delightfully harmonious year crowned with the excellence accomplished by our students with an impressive record of 100% pass with quality results in SSLC (last Batch Students).

We are very proud of our brilliant youngsters who represented this institution by their magnificent performance. Our students and excellent teachers proved beyond any doubt that the S.E.M.S is a unique and ideal center of learning.


Established in 1994, the SHIHAB ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL is owned and managed by SHIHAB FOUNDATION led by the chairman Mr. SHEIKH ABDULLAH. It’s a minority institution, located on 4 acres of serene land with extensive playgrounds. Our school has been affiliated with CBSE Delhi since 2011. (affiliation No:930832.)


  1. Advancement and propagation of education and learning among children
  2. To impart comprehensive knowledge to the child which enables him to establish his relationship with his Creator and his fellow beings and earn livelihood with dignity.
  3. To inculcate the true spirit of religion, the ethics and values of moral education in the children so that they develop a wholesome personality.
  4. To make the children better human beings and responsible citizens of India.
  5. Bridging the gap between nurturing environment of home and disciplined demands of a formal education.
  6. To provide a strong basic foundation by not only developing the child intellectually but also socially, morally, physically and emotionally by providing a stimulating, caring and playful environment.
  7. We ardently believe that the process of true education requires honest, consistent and constructive interaction on different levels with love, concern and commitment. We look to achieve overall excellence, harmonious growth, and all round development for our students.

While expecting high standards of academic performance from our students, the school does not lose sight of the commitment to tune up each student to reach the fullness of his or her intellectual, emotional and physical potentials. The accessibility of our faculty, staff and students is the key ingredient to the success of this endeavor.


To cater the educational needs of our outstation students, we adopted a school transport system which consists of five vehicles.


We provide computer education to all students from LKG to 10th STD. We have a well-equipped laboratory as well as a fully supplied library with a reading room.


Shihab Residential School looks after the requirements of students who stay with as by providing every one of them with ample opportunities for their growth and development. There are currently 84 students in our residential school.


  1. 5th June 2018: We had celebrated, “World Environment Day” in our school campus.
  2. We celebrated Ramzan with the Shihab Residential students during the month of Ramzan.
  3. 15th August 2018: Independence Day was celebrated. On this occasion several competitions were conducted in speech, essay writing, drawing, etc. All students participated with great enthusiasm.
  4. 5th September 2018: We celebrated Teacher’s day. We conducted different programs; all the students participated with great enthusiasm.
  5. November 14th 2018: Children’s day was celebrated. On this occasion we arranged different programs for the students and executed the programs with great success.
  6. Prophet Day Programs was conducted on 05th December, 2018.
  7. January 15th 2019: We give much importance to the quality of education. So, we organized the orientation classes for X STD students.
  8. The annual sports meet held in our institution on 08th December, 2018 it was an inter house competition in different Categories.
  9. Arts Programs were conducted in the school for the academic year 2018-19 with the several competitions like Drawing, Speech, Handwriting, Storytelling, Rhymes competitions, etc. were held in the month of October.
  10. We arranged a one-day recreational tour to Vismaya Water Theme Park. 

Finally, I would like to thank the members of the SHIHAB FOUNDATION and everyone associated with it, for all the guidance and support given to this institution.

I am also thankful to the management, members of the SHIHAB FOUNDATION, Staff members, parents, students and lastly, Mr. Sheikh Abdulla, the chairman of our school, for their kind cooperation in running the school smoothly.

May the almighty bless, guide and protect us.

Thank You………………..