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english medium school

Shihab English Medium School, run by Shihab Foundation (a Public Charitable Trust), was set up in 1994 at Adka, Bandiyod in Mangalpady village of Kasaragod district, 30 km south of Mangalore city. Located on 5 acres of serene land with extensive playgrounds, Shihab provides education for boys and girls from kindergarten to 10th grade. The school primarily caters to the Muslim community and houses a large mosque on campus. However, the school is open to all communities and gives admission irrespective of caste, creed, language, religion or gender. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. (CBSE code 930832).

Vision Statement

The concept of knowledge is very comprehensive: one part of this Knowledge is necessary to establish man’s relationship with his Creator and the fellow beings; the other part is essential to enable man to earn his bread with dignity and make him economically stable as well as a useful member of society. There is no conflict between these two components of knowledge as they can coexist in a harmonious personality of a good human being. It is, therefore, essential to develop and formulate effective mechanism for blending the two educational streams – the religious and the modern. Moreover, this integration and blending of the religious and spiritual heritage with the modern scientific and industrial knowledge will go a long way in creating a composite and yet harmonious profile of our educationally beleaguered society.

It is during the first year of a child’s formal education, the foundations of future academic and career achievements are set. During primary grades, children learn at a rapid pace that will never be matched again during their lifetime. This exciting experience is fuelled by their Innocent joy of discovery, their determined striving to understand and their unfettered curiosity.

The school is open to all communities and gives admission Irrespective of caste, creed, language, religion or gender.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to achieve excellence in academics with full commitment towards overall development of a child, preparing the students to become better citizens; an enlightened generation of socially responsible, well rounded individuals who can contribute to a global society. To achieve this we make sure that the students receive an insightful educational experience through academic rigour and extra curricular activities, with a focus on serving humanity, upholding high ideals and spiritual values, while understanding the value of being a caring, compassionate and hard working individual.